So, what is all this Xob rubbish?

Well, in the last few weeks of 1999 I finally lost faith in the human race.
Iíd just spent a weekend with a bunch of really decent people, and then
two weeks straight that after watching other people
dumping on each other just for the hell of it.

Two things struck me, that I didnít want to share a gene-pool with the second group anymore,
and that the first group seemed like an entirely different species.

I came to the conclusion that these rare decent people are actually undercover
operatives from the planet Xob, the advance guard for the Xobian invasion fleet.
Of course, most of the agents are still sleepers and only start to realise
that they are aliens as you explain it them.

They remember their programming, realise that the Earth is a worthless piece of real estate,
the natives arenít worth conquering, and then end up in the nearest refuelling station (pub),
bitching about the rock theyíve been stranded on and generally letting off steam to each other.

If you try and explain all this to ordinary humans they nod and smile,
then walk away as fast as they can.

So I celebrated the year 2000 by resigning from the human race.

Hallo, my name is Kybbl and I am a Sleeper Agent from the Planet Xob.