To join any of these groups e-mail Sleepers from Xob HQ with the name of the group you are interested in and your Xobian name.
Wimpy human aliases will not be listed on the site but archived at HQ.

First person to sign up for each group gets to be president. You can only be president of one group - so list groups in order of preference - but you can be a member of as many groups as you like.

Armadillo A giant armour-plated South American mammal is on a collision course with Earth, and weíre sending up a bunch of oil riggers in the space shuttle to deal with it... okay, itís a dumb idea but it looks pretty. Join the adventure!
The Anals of Posterior Historians and Archivists. Trainspotters
The Bagpuss Protection League Preserving the sanctity of our favourite children's TV programmes. President:
Agent JeagYz
Campaign for Real Gabardine Suits If you have to wear a suit for work, then it shouldnít be a cheap nasty scratchy nylon one. Register your support for the cause.
Gregorian Barbershop Quartet Monks in straw boaters singing close harmony (Not limited to 4 members).
A Gross Misuse of Wombles Perverts of Wimbledon Common (Limited to 144 members). Member:
Agent JeagYz
John Cravenís Vampires A slip of the tongue Iím never going to let Agent Nadrek//-"~ forget. President:
Agent Nadrek//-"~
Lost Souls of the Moebios Line For anyone new to London trying to understand the underground system.
Mad Marble Conspiracy if you remember the 1980s arcade game Marble Madness this may or may not make sense.
Mighty Mulchin Flower Arrangers Gentle Elderly Lady Florists who habitually save the Earth from Unconvincing Rubber Monsters.
Moon Goblins Goblins from the Moon.
Pagan Inspirational Choir Non-denominational gospel choir (you simply must hear their cover of Number of the Beast). Member:
Agent JeagYz
Pink Fluffy Bunnies on Elm Street The spoof horror fan club I ran in the late 1980s. It was really just an excuse to wear very dumb T-shirts and before you ask, no, Iím not starting all that again. But past and wannabe Bunnies alike are welcome to submit their names. President:
Agent Kybll
Pooh Stick Synchronised Swimming Team (PSSST) For lazy people who like water. President:
Agent Zailos
S.C.U.M. Sisters (Society for Cutting Up Men) On the motorway. It was a girlie biker thing, Not seriously feminist, but is anything serious here? Member:
Agent Kybll
Smurf Army of Darkness (SAD) Theyíre small, blue, crazy and evil. And there are simply millions of them.
Sufi Space Agency At the risk of causing offence this was going to be the Islamic Space Agency. Whilst driving through London one of my friends commented how Islam must have had the first space programme as they came up with really cool rocket designs, which they then built a Mosque onto. Well, I shelved that initial idea - even though the idea of the first Mosque in orbit still has its appeal - as I have nothing against the Islamic faith and I donít really want it to have anything against me. So instead I opted for the Sufi Space Agency as here was a section of Islam with its roots in humour to begin with.
USS Ursula The other space exploration adventure. If you like Star Trek or youíre a Teddy Bear, then this oneís for you.

Crew - Captain, Roosevelt
No 1, Pinky
Pilot, Biggles Bear
Mad Dr Clyde (and his lab rabbit Bonny)
Chief of Security and shipís mutant, Reg Bear
Shipís Counsellor, Sister Tootie Fruitie of the Blessed Order of St Hofmeister the Bruin.

Wizards on Toast They draw on slices of bread and play cards with them. While wearing silly costumes - the players that is - not the bread.