ROOM 101.
The "Grumpy Old Woman" has her say.
People who wear TOO MUCH Perfume You know how it is. You're sitting on the bus, quietly minding your own business, when some bimbo sits down next to you reeking to high heaven. My mum spent some years during the 1950's working in Paris, the home of the perfumery, and she taught me at age 11 how to wear concentrate. Now perfume is meant to be a sexy whiff in passing, not full-on chemical warfare! I don't care how exotic it is or how much you paid for it, too-much of any scent does only one thing - it makes you STINK! So next time you're about to marinade yourself in whatever the latest potion is, think again. A little on your pulse points; wrist, neck, behind your knee etc. Or spray a cloud into the air and walk, run, jump, dance or belly-flop through it for all I care. Just do it right. The same goes for fellas and cologne.
Sandwiches with five kinds of Shit in them I bought what looked like a really yummy sandwich; chicken, crisp salad, tomato relish. What possessed ANYONE to think it needed cream cheese in it as well? YEUCH!
Wheeled Luggage Not just prams and pushchairs, but suitcases that people drag behind them as well. Do you know how many times someone has cut across me suddenly and almost tripped me up? Well, next time you will when I take a swing at you with my rucksack.
Manchester Buses Now there are one or two nice drivers, but most of them are miserable, rude, and committed to making your journey as unpleasant as possible. One stagecoach driver left me at the bus stop on Christmas Eve when I was on crutches. Last summer one racist individual purposely ignored black passengers waiting at bus stops two days running. The Canadian tourist on the second bus was gobsmacked too. Not a great advert for the City. Other than that many of the buses are old, leaky, damp with slippery floors with the drivers going at breakneck speed. I've not slipped and been injured yet but it's only a matter of time. Never privatise a public service. All that happens is the companies run it for proft rather than the passengers.
Double Standards Ever been part of a group where one set of rules, or exceptions applies to one group of people; the "clique", or the "mates"? I have and it sucks. Treat everyone with the same rights and respect, says I.
The overuse of the word "Area" on property shows I'm talking about when presenters say things like "kitchen area", "garden area" "barbeque area". Next thing you know it's going to be "human waste disposal, gas emission and covert reading area" :P