Pre-Fandom and Miscellaneous
Random costumes that don't fit anywhere in particular.
Very early cosplay! At home - French Resistance. On holiday - Superheroes.
Just a fancy dress party. The dress is original 1950's. Another fancy dress party. Madam Satan. Probably my first homemade costume.
Teddy and I as "Abba-dabba-doo". He was the Blonde Bomshell and I was the Sequinned Potato. We sang a filk of "Waterloo". Oh dear! The Pink Bunny's back. This time for charity trike-push around central London for the National Association of Disabled Bikers.
Nessie (Pleaseyourselfasaur)- the mascot for Worldcon 1995. Five of us made her. 11 people wore her. The full story of how and why is here.
My friend Steve was the Nessie Wrangler. Make up your own mind why he needed a gas mask and a protective rubber suit. The Russian-Klingon Wedding Dress. Designed by me, mostly sewn by Teddy (I did the accessories and the hand-sewing) and now owned by Mary Jones.
Costume taken too far. I was Boots the Alchemist for a Far Isles 12th Night Banquet. I wore it for 12 hours and it was quite comfy. Yes, even the beard. Scary Subi Sailor Moon. Subi gave me the brief to make the worst costume ever for the "Feel-Up the Cosplayer" Round of the Aya 2003 Quiz. (photo by Yuki Scorpio.)