Not strictly a fanzine, but still my first experience of the thankless role of Editor!
In 1989 during one of those very late night conversations, someone exclaimed “You can’t
have horror and cute together - You can’t have Pink Fluffy Bunnies on Elm Street”. I thought,
oh yes you can, and a monster was born.

I started up PFB as a club for horror fans who "didn’t give a shit" - as many of the fans of the
time were Hammer Horror aficionados who took the genre far too seriously. It was really just
an excuse to produce very dumb T-shirts and have a laugh, but people embraced the idea
and ran with it. I even signed a few "names" up; both Clive Barker and Nick Vince were
Bunnies, and Neil Gaimen designed the cover for the second zine "Invasion of the Bunny
Snatchers". Fox was another Bunny (he was subjected to Trial by Pizza and Melt Movie) and
Geoff Ryman, while he didn’t join, was always enthusiastic and supportive. (My thanks to them all. ^_^)

It came to an end perhaps sooner than it should have; my partner and I split up and it was
too much to do on my own, and although I asked around none of the other bunnies were
able to help. A few years later it looked as if someone else was prepared to take it on, but that came to nothing.

R.I.P. Bunnies, but then as a fair proportion of them are zombies anyway, you never know,
they may well rise again one day. I do have more artwork put away somewhere, and so I’ll
add to this section if or when I find it, assuming it's any good.

Cenobunnies T-shirt design. I was lucky enough to get Clive Barker’s endorsement for this - he said there was something “affectionate” about the way I’d drawn them (blush!). In return I sent him a free T-shirt care of his publishers. And some bastard nicked it. By the time I found out I’d auctioned the last T-shirt off. But it was for charity and so Clive forgave me.
Cassandra Peter-Rabbit. She was my alter-ego and the hostess of the PFB “crudzine” that went with each T-shirt. She was loosely based on Elvira - Cassandra Peterson. Here we see her in a comic I started drawing taking a phone call from a Cenobunny - too bad it’s Chatterer!
From the same project - Chatterer still trying to explain (Memory fails but I think someone had attacked Pinhead Bunny with a set of pliers and pulled all his nails out…) with “Cenobette” translating.
I drew this in 1991 just after a stay in hospital. A friend of mine was a member of the group “Working With Tomatoes” (Salad Punk Groove Core Thrash) and while I was sick he visited me and asked me to draw him a Pink Fluffy Tomato, which I was very happy to do as hospital is s-o-o-o-o b-o-o-o-o-ring. Later I drew this sort of portrait of him as well. The story we finally came up with for the origins of the Tomato was that Rarebit West (Reanimate-hare) had created the Furry Critters (reanimated rabbit tails with carrot feet) and one of them had got into his packed lunch one day - and well, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Incidentally, the Furry Critter Awards were badges I had made up for non-bunnies who gave me art and stuff for the zines. The Tomato angle led to a sub-group of PFB - The Punk Fluffy Bunnies on Elm Street. This story is getting a tad involved, isn’t it?
A caricature of my mate Steve as Bunny Mutt - the Chief of the Bunnyville Owsla.
By 1992 Bunnies had well and truly run it’s course and the drawing was starting to merge with biker stuff instead. This is the (unfinished) Demon Bunny Bike.
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