Green Bug Fairy. She made an appearance in the Minami 10 conbook although I did her a couple of years earlier. I quite liked the idea of doing fairies with really ugly faces; the first was topless as well but this is definitely the more successful of the two.
El Condor Pasa. A bit of a cheat as I nicked the picture of planet earth. I wanted to play around with the texture I used for the green bug fairyís wings some more and got the idea to do the Solar Sailor while listening to El Pasa Condor. Iím afraid Iím a real sucker for South American music.
Deercat. My second picture on Photoshop. This never existed as a drawing on paper - I did the whole thing entirely from scratch on screen using the smudge tool for the skin and a very fine airbrush for all the hair. It looks quite primitive now but at the time creating it was as close to working with clay as I have ever experienced on a PC. Lovely feeling! Oh yes, the beastie is one of the characters from the crap fantasy novel that I may or may not finish one day.
Eve of Destruction or Deva. Again, this is a big cheat. I stole the face from a CD of ďadult anime artĒ but as she was naked and on all fours I didnít feel too guilty about that. If itís any consolation I did everything else. This was Eva De Stracht - a nasty voodoo-practising circus-performer organ-legger psycho-cannibal cyborg. I dressed up as her for Aya Next.
Another unfinished set of tarot cards. This time Dragons.
The Moon. I know the background is dirty on this one. First of all, my friend didnít help matters by scanning my pencil sketch in colour but I decided to leave it that way. I wanted it too look old, plus, I had a reproduction deck of very early tarot cards which were produced directly from photos. One of the cards is held together with a stamp hinge and I quite liked the similar effect from the scan of the sellotape. Chinese Dragons have golden pearls in their mouths to represent both their wisdom and the sun. Iím sorry, I played with this idea a bit, changing the golden pearl to a silver one. I hope Iíve not offended any dragons... ^_-
The Magus (Quetzacoatl). Starting to get a bit more confident with Photoshop now. As Iíve mentioned elsewhere, Iím a sucker for South American music. Iím also a sucker for all things Aztec and Mayan. This is a kind of crossover, as the name Quetzacoatl - Precious Feathered Serpent Bird - is Aztec but the influence is definitely Mayan. There is an equivalent God in their pantheon, but (shame on me) I canít remember the correct name. Kings and other important people were often depicted in the mouth of the serpent; Iíve dressed Quetzacoatl down a little, but I also wanted to get the feel of his serenity and confidence across in the picture.
The Sun (The Golden Fleece). All it needs now is someone to cross-stitch it. This is why the Chinese dragon ended up as the moon. I just wanted to use both traditions.
The Empress. Eagle's head, Bear's claw, Whale's tale. I started out colouring this one but I never quite got it to work the way I wanted. I guess some things arenít meant to be.
Elf. This started out as a girl rock singer and mutated into a sword-and-sorcery elf halfway through.
The Fond Farewell or The Dare. I may or may not get around get around to finishing this. The idea is that the girl is seeing her boyfriend off on the train and for some reason - whether for a dare or as some misguided gesture of affection, has decided to wave goodbye with her panties instead of a hanky. Of course as the train leaves it blows her skirt upÖ I was going to put a crowd of shocked faces in the background.
The Glass Monkey Mask. This is my first ever attempt at using Photoshop. As one of my friends commented, ďAll you need now is the myth to go with it.Ē Afterwards I turned it into a cat and spent a few weeks experimenting with all the Photoshop filters to see what they did. ďCool CatĒ ended up in Mogs in Black in the CATS section. After Iíd finished playing I went on to draw Deercat (above).
A self portrait. ( and you can see just why I asked Subi to do my Sweatdrop one)
Oh dear. I was going to enter this for the AAUKís Year of the Horse competition. As it was the year of the Water Horse and also the year of an Ayacon, I thought it might be fun to do a mermaid with a seahorse. Then I delayed and delayed... and almost missed the year entirely! Itíll be the year of the Water Horse again in 2062. If Iím still alive Iíll be 98.
Work in Progress. It's either "Happy Gollum" or "Bushbaby Man". Lots of work to do anyway. I'll post the finished piece when it's done.