From then to (roughly) now - pictures of my ugly mug!
At my brothers' school fete. I got lost and was found by the photographer from the local paper, who just happened to be a friend of my dad's. I'd only just stopped howling when he took this. My first school photo
(I should have been drowned at birth!)
Barking Saturday Music School. My friend Alison and I apparently eating treble recorders... BSMS again, a few years later. I was 16 and thought I was pretty cool.
St James's Park in the snow. Oh dear, trying to look mean, moody and cool again. (Actually, I was terrified.) For the Wimbledon local paper when I was in a synth band. I still have the Happi.
In Hyde Park. Pity about the deckchairs. On the Isle of Wight. I'd introduce you to my friend, but he's a tad busy.
At my parents (in my favourite pose). At the SF monthly meet with Sister Tutti Fruitie. I look halfway good in this one. It always pays to have a pro photographer.