Brittany May as Sharon Apple in MacRoss Plus. I did this for DLGís Britanime site and as an advert for the 2005 Worldcon in Glasgow. However, Iím not going to Worldcon now as itís too close to Aya for me to afford both, and as Subiís on the Aya Committee I canít really not be there.
FuMan Chu. Just so you can see him close up.
Furry Kuri. The first in a series of puns I havenít got around to drawing yet. Well, FuMan Chu was originally another in the series (Pikachu - Ebichu - FuMan Chu) but Iíve used him here now.
Hello Chojin. Another T-shirt design. This probably should go in the Adult section as the Chojin is the major Nasty from the infamous Urotsokidoji, aka Legend of the Overfiend, aka tentacle porn. I also have to thank someone on one of the convention forums (probably AyaCon) - in a discussion thread about strange crossovers - for giving me the idea. Originally it was ďHello UrotsokidojiĒ. If this was you and you can prove it, drop me an e-mail and Iíll gladly credit you here.
The competition was to design a sidekick for Aya the Mermaid. Cuttlefish are the coolest little sea critters on planet Earth. Nuff said.
Click here for photos of the Incredibly Ugly Scuttle Plushie.
Thewson. Inspired by the character in Sheri Tepper's novel The Revenants. It's not meant to be accurate and it's not even my favourite book. But you know how a character jumps out at you sometimes.