I went through a phase of drawing cats - admittedly not my first.
And then at MinamiCon 8 the theme for 9 was announced as “Nine Lives”.
And then I found some more cats from earlier and added them.
I remember posting my pictures up on another site with the apology
“Definitely the last Cat” on at least three of them.
The front page for my “Nine Lives” project for Minami 9.
Catflap (lineart). Is it possible to be fond of a scruffy yellowed bit of ruled paper with blu-tack marks and grease spots, with a hurriedly drawn sketch in ball-point? Obviously yes. This was one of the cats I drew in the 1990s which I dug out for Nine Lives. I still love the random energy of it, plus it came straight out of one of my more fun dreams. NEVER underestimate the power of Ballpoint!
Catflap (final). And this is it finished well over 10 years later - complete with awful pun by Subi.
Tabi Cat. We had lots of fun photographing my feet with this one. He has two left feet because I got the shadows wrong in the end but I’m not that bothered. And I’m not telling you where I got the designs for the wallpaper and carpet from either. ^_-
Cat ‘n’ Fiddle. This is another old picture. Originally the cat had the moon behind it and I had intended to submit it along with a Carmen Miranda Rattlesnake and a harp playing Spider Lady for the Filklore fanzine.
I am a Cat. Inspired by a very cute song by Shonen Knife. I admit I stole the flying saucer from Niea Under 7.
Leona. Good memories of Christmas 1999. I spent the day on my own, and after I’d opened my pressies and phoned round everyone I lay on the floor, listened to music and drew Leona (I want her boots!). Then I cooked myself a really nice steak for dinner and didn’t even think about Christmas telly until well after 7pm.
Mogs in Black. This is from around 1997 when I’d only just started playing around with Photoshop. I never got around to drawing the evil mouse silhouette in the mouse hole, let alone turn it into a T-shirt, which was my original idea.
Bindi the Kitten. NamimeW (Anime North West) was looking for a mascot. I came up with Bindi - designed around a question mark - and then they decided to stick with the ASCII cat instead. Ah well, never mind.
Tom’s First Hallowe’en. A personal favourite of mine. I keep meaning to turn it into greetings cards..
Worship the Cat! I finished this, then got fidgety and went on to make the mask.