I don’t draw pornography. But I’m not especially offended by it either so I tend to
overcompensate when age rating my drawings. Some people are offended by
nudity and would possibly be by some of the subject matter, so if you’re here
looking for something really juicy and you’re disappointed, that probably means
you have a similar relaxed outlook as I.
I went through a phase of drawing tarot cards, and these are from a set jokingly suggested by a past flatmate “The Amazons of Lesbos”. I did most of the court cards - they ran Queen, Consort, Princess and Maid - and these are two of my favourites, The Consort of Cups (Water + Water) and the Maid of Cups (Water + Earth). Although I did seem to draw rather overdeveloped foreheads back then.
I did a little sketch (it wasn’t very good) of Subi kicking Alvin Chipmunk up the backside as a sort of tribute to one of his tunes “Whirld0mination”, and this was the sequel to that. Oh come ON, does anyone REALLY like the Chippettes?
This was in 1999 - the time that the “Little Books” were very popular. I designed the cover for one to use in Players Clubs as there is a very strict rule of etiquette and new people were always asking questions about what was acceptable behaviour and what wasn’t. It never got picked up because everyone else was worried about printing costs.!
Blame DLG for this one. Subi and I went to his house and ended up watching the first episode of Cardcaptor Sakura and half of Knights of Ramunes. It’s ALL his fault!
DLG’s fault again. Every year he runs a competition on AAUK for the Chinese New Year. This was my “do not vote for this one” contribution for the Year of the Sheep. The little ninja is Nin-Nin from La Blue Girl.