1970s, 1980s and 1990s
These are some of my earlier drawings. I had a lot more, but I’ve probably binned some
at one time or another, or they have been lost during successive house moves.
Yes, I know, it’s a cute Dragon. At least it’s a cute big dragon. I drew this in 1979 during a wet break at school in one of the science labs. I think one of my friends might have borrowed it as the original has “return undamaged or else” written on it, so I must have been quite proud of it at the time.
An unfinished minotaur. I drew a lot of minotaurs after seeing the Dali exhibition at the National Gallery, I think, in 1980. No, I don’t see the connection either but there you go. I screwed up the hands on this but kept it anyway purely because I like the way the head had turned out.
Another dragon-ish critter. There’s loads wrong with this but again, I was quite pleased with the head. Plus it must have been a really slow day for me to draw all those itsy-bitsy-teensy scales!
One of my past D&D Characters. Before she put the armour on.
Bad Head Day 1 and 2. I make no apologies for the bad proportions and scruffy lines on these two pictures. And the unpleasant subject matter. Art is catharsis - sometimes you just have to draw your bad feelings out of your system.
A t-shirt design from when I was going to filk conventions. This is Quiver, who is utterly terrified about what will happen to his safe little song when those nasty filkers get their mitts on it. N.O.T. stood for “No Original Tunes” - or NOT music. And then at the con some smartarse came up with N.O.T.E. - “No Original Tunes Ever.” Typical!
One of my friends wanted me to design this to paint on her motorbike. Her specifications were that it was to be Herne, but female and to look like her. As much as I disapproved of putting antlers on a doe, I did it anyway. In the end she decided not to use it as it wasn’t tall and willowy enough, except she had wanted it to look like her and she is 5 foot and curvy. Slim, yes, but a seven foot stick insect? No way.
Ratty 1 and 2. 1995. Okay, I admit it, I did my first bits of PC art on Paintbrush. GIO was the Goods Inward Office (and I was the DGIO - Deputy Goods Inward Officer). We needed signs to stick on the door when we were picking up deliveries. I’d just switched from using ICL Officepower to Win95 at work. I didn’t have a PC at home back then. And at the time I kept pet rats. I knocked these two up over a week of rainy lunch hours.
I designed the skull as the badge for a Klingon Pirate Ship in the AKFT club. I still have it painted on an old green jump-suit somewhere.