Why D-I-Y Hamstercraft?

Well, a long long time ago (1987) in a far away place (London) I bought a book with this title from the shop at St Thomasí Hospital. It was along the lines of 101 uses for a Dead Cat except it was full of useful household gadgets to make from your live hamster - ink blotter, paperweight, flower vase, recorder/other woodwind instrument cleaner etc. It was funny and very sick indeed. And I lost it.

Then thereís the anime series Oruchuban Ebichu - Ebichu Minds the House or Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster, if any more proof were needed that hamsters are indestructible. I empathise with Ebichu (NB. Ebichu looks a little bit like Hamtaro. Hamtaro is suitable for children. Ebichu is not. Please donít mix the two up.)

Chu is Japanese for the squeak a mouse makes, or a kiss! - which may be why Pikachu is sometimes called the Electric Rat. I canít scan in any pictures from D-I-Y Hamstercraft as I donít own a copy any more, and if I put a picture of darling little Ebichu here Gainax might hurt me ;-). Pikachu? Letís not even go there.

Okay, so I relate to an indestructable hamster, and this is my hobby-site of all the arts and crafts and other junk I get up to in my spare time, therefore, D-I-Y Hamstercraft.

Finally, allow me to introduce FuMan-Chu, the mascot for my website and another indestructible - and thoroughly inscrutable - hamster.

19th June 2008
I was bored and so I created an online shop full of e.e.h.r...? goodies. Mmmmmmm - online shopping....

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

Look out for some of my designs in the Tapir Preservation Fund (TPF) CafePress online shop as well. The proceeds go towards helping preserve tapirs and their habitats, and to study and learn more about these elusive creatures in the wild.
The shop is HERE. All good stuff.

In other news, I've neglected this website for far too long, and so I'm updating it and revamping it.
A bit.
I doubt it will look even slightly professional when I'm done, because even though I have improved, website design is strictly NOT my forte! So enjoy watching it mutate ever so gradually over the summer, and in the meantime I'll wish you blue skies and sunshine for your picnic, whether or not I'm invited! ^_-

25th March 2008
Not quite a year this time. Hey! It may only be a small improvement but it is STILL one.
Anyway, here's Gloomy Bear - Para Para Star? (I don't think so) It was one of those things that seemed like a really good idea at the time - the time being Minamicon14 on Saturday night after several hours in the Bar.
In my defence, I can only say that we were drunk, me, my cameraman, and the bear.
Honest Guv.
(Play in Windows Media Player. Anything else and the film drags about a beat behind the music, which is why YouTube was no good.)

And I promise I'll upload something a little less dumb (but not by much!) soon.

14th May 2007
I am SO ashamed. I haven't updated my website in OVER A YEAR. Some of it truly wasn't my fault; PC problems, a manic but fun year at work... But a generous chunk of it was, and so I aplogise profusely for being slacker than forty-year old knicker elastic. Maybe I can make up for it in some small way with another Christmas Card... The very best to you all and here's hoping that our 2007 is as good as my 2006 has been.

"A Christmas Card in May?" I hear you cry. "LAME!"

Okay, how about this little E-Numbers Guy then? He makes a pretty good mobile wallpaper although I haven't quite managed to get him to dance in time with the Tune.

20th December 2005
A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2006!

9th November 2005
OH MY GOD! I was doing some backups when I found this from way way back.
Terminator 2 (on kazoo and duck-call). I think the moral of this story is, "Don't leave me alone with nothing to do for an afternoon because this is what will happen." BE AFRAID. And yes, I meant it to sound that bad. Apologies to the guy who put together the mod file that I borrowed for the backing. I'll keep taking the tablets, I promise.

31st October 2005
Photos from the London MCM Expo 29 - 30 October. Contact me if you want copies of any of the photos. More to come soon. And a Happy Hallowe'en!

21st October 2005
Two new Doodles - Thewson in Fanart and a random W-I-P in Other

11th October 2005
Silly Mobile Phone Stuff (wot? you mean the rest of this site is serious?)
and Tetraspace Mobile Phone Wallpapers. Mine's a k700i, so sorry if they don't quite fit your phone.

And a tune, E-Numbers. It's a cheat, it's a midi (I've since converted it to MP3), it was "cut-and-pasted" on the mobile, I'm not a composer - but I don't care. It's fun. And I felt like sharing. Enjoy. ^_^

17th September 2005
A new Page in Random. "Real Cooking" - tasty, simple and possibly dangerous recipies to try out at home.

10th September 2005
Added, lots and lots of photos from Ayacon 2005. What a great weekend that was!

3rd September 2005
Since the site went live, I've been sent a copy of D.I.Y Hamstercraft (Thanks Max!).
Selected pages from this, plus other tasty Hamster tit-bits can be found at "The Joy of Hamsters."

Plus, two new additions to the Zines page, Kuri #2 and Tetraspace #1.